Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test takes concentration and discipline. When I, myself am preparing to take a test, I set my plans in how I will go about to succeed. I will be explaining how I prepare for a test.
First, I outline and study the material carefully and then go back to check if I missed anything important. I make sure to start this as soon as I get information that there will be a test. I take notes and annotate regarding the subject matter to ensure that I am confident in what I will be tested on. If it is for a subject like math, I will do practice problems or ask the educator for key terms on what will be tested on. Studying material that is not on the outline is also another great plan to be the most prepared.
Next, I make flash cards or find a study partner to review the material to comprehend and set the information more concrete. By using repetitive methods, also by having a study partner test me on the material it is very helpful. Using visual aids has proven over time that this is a successful way to be confident that I am prepared for the test. Doing research on what you are learning may also teach you something you might have not known before.
Lastly, I ask my teacher for direction. If I have open communication with my teacher, I will be a more prepared student. Teachers can be a great resource in how to be a better student and give you the right tools to be successful. I review material with my teacher that I still have some questions or difficulty understanding, so that the teacher can give me some guidance or suggestions that I might have missed using my own methods when studying.
In conclusion, when I have an optimistic outlook and a growth mindset I am more eager to learn and do my best. I use the knowledge and resources at my fingertips in order to get all of the information I need. If you put the time and effort, set your goals and reward yourself in the end you will be an efficient test taker

Fallon from California
College Freshman
Western Governors University