Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I think that more than 50% of American Students suffer from test anxiety. I know that I do, in my earlier days studying restlessly and non-stop; just to get to that test and completely black out on myself. I'm never able to remember anything, it's really hard on yourself when you do all this learning and reciting for almost nothing. You get so nervous it's like you almost forget why you're there.
For my after trial and error, the best way to make sure I'm up and ready for that big test is to rest. It starts in the class room while your actively learning. I find that typing up my notes is helpful, and if I have the time I try to type everything the teacher is saying - that way there isn't any gaps in the lesson. Then At least two to three times a week, when I have down time I look them over, and I try to place myself back in the room listening to them explain the material. I try not to freak out for hours on end. I try to stay calm so that when in that testing environment my brain could just look back at the time where I wasn't have a mental tantrum and it cam calm itself down. It's hard to remember things when your freaking out. I also do as much mental resting the night before, and get enough sleep. I go through my day or morning before the test very calm and maybe once or twice I glance over the notes again.

Bobbi from District of Columbia
High School Senior
Washington Leadership Academy