Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many thing I believe help me prep for a test, and as a future teacher I feel this is very important to future education. For me, there are always a few steps, I take to make sure I am ready to succeed any test.
First, I like to make a plan, writing down In order each thing I need to do, and a time limit of when it needs to be done by, (ordering them by what needs to be done first to last). I also need to make sure I have time to do this studying/ or whatever assignments help me prep for my test. So, I schedule time in my day to do so, for example I might write in my planner (another amazing tool) to study from 3-5pm, and make a goal of which things to complete in that time period. Then, I would also reward myself at the end of that period, I might say to myself "Bethany, if you study non-stop for this two hour period, you can splurge on Thai food for dinner." This keeps me motivated and gives me a reason to want to keep going.
I also, need to always remember to never feel afraid to ask for help, so often we don't want to look dumb, and asking questions make us anxious. I like to write down anything that I might have been confused by/ couldn't get and although I don't let it hold me up, I save that for later. Then bring it to a knowledgeable friend/ professor and ask for help! That has been a great thing for me, and has been a reason for my success in the past.
Finally, I love to remind myself to never forget to communicate. Test preperation isn't always about studying, sometimes it is about knowing the right moment/ how to communicate. Whether that's talking to your professor/ mentor about not understanding the material, or explaining a circumstance that you feel may prohibit you from being prepared on time. These things are important, and often with a respectful approach, proper preparation and communication your mentor/ professor will often be your saving grace during test prep.
Overall, study hard, communicate, reward yourself, and you will succeed.

Bethany from Kentucky
College Junior
Western Governors University