Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation begins when I am in class learning a new topic. Unlike some of the other students in my class that like to color code their notes with highlighters or multicolored pens I only use three writing utensils; a blue inked pen, a black inked pen, and a pencil. There were times when I have tried to be like the other students but that only slowed down my note taking, messed up my train of thought, and left me confused in class. Any important words, dates, or significant notes are written with a pen in order to stand out. My next step is to constantly review my notes and other resources that I have found online or were given to me by my teachers. For my math classes I make an effort to find practice problems to strengthen my skills. For my other classes like history or science I tend to look up music videos about the current unit. While it may sound childish but it works perfectly for me. There are plenty of songs that I sing about the ancient Chinese dynasties, the quadratic formula, and even the periodic table. I also make an effort to take breaks and sometimes take quick naps. When the body gets tired the brain tends to not function properly because it is over exhausted. Going to sleep is allowing the body to rest and for the information that I placed in my mind to settle. A few days before the test my bedtime is never later than 11 o'clock pm, rest is important. The night before test day, depending on how confident I am with the test, I will either have a mid-day cram session or take a break and only do a light review. What I do to in order to study has been tailored to who I am as a student and it has taken a while before I found it, but like my Grandpa says, "There are five p's to life, proper preparation prevents poor performance".

Nicole from New Jersey
High School Senior
Long Branch High School