Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to studying for exams, I found what best suits my kinesthetic learning habits and adjusted my study habits accordingly. Kinesthetic learners cannot typically retain information by solely seeing or hearing information as effectively as they would if they were to physically do what they are being taught. This can be rather challenging for kinesthetic learners when it comes to subjects that require memorization, like social studies. Social studies has always been my weakest area since it is fairly more difficult to study rather than math where I can work the problems out as I am being taught and study those problems on my own before the tests. After taking college courses starting my junior year and being exposed to the drastic difference in difficulty between high school tests and college exams, it forced me to find a way to study where I can actually learn and remember the information being taught. What I have found helps to retain information is to always write your own notes. It is much easier to remember the information that you have physically written down yourself. Taking pictures of a friend’s notes or looking over the notes that your teacher has posted online is not nearly as effective as writing your own notes. When your teacher is lecturing, always take notes, even if no one else in the class is writing. Teachers sometimes like to put questions on exams about things that have gone over in class just to make sure that you are listening and paying attention. If your class comes with a textbook, always read it. After reading, go back and take notes over each chapter. That way you can write down only the information that you are not familiar with and study your own handwritten notes so that you do not become overwhelmed by attempting to read the numerous pages assigned by your teacher. Lastly, making flashcards that contain information from your notes can ensure that you truly understand all of the necessary information to ace your tests.

Aleia from Georgia
High School Senior
Alexander High School