Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me the best test preparation is writing everything I need to remember. First of all if I am getting the information from a textbook I write it down in my personal notebook and separate the information by colors. I also use note cards to write down the most important information and have it on hand. Another good method I have is to read my notes out loud to remember them better. If the terms are too hard I try to connect them to something more relatable in my life or try to find a word that has a similar sound to it. Something that is very helpful for me with definitions is writing them in my own words, because that means that you understand the word and that way it is easier for you to remember it. Before the test try to relax and separate yourself some time from your notes, after this give a fast read to your notes so that the first thing in your head, after you had cleared it, are the notes.

Dina from Arizona
High School Senior
Nogales High School