Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I stared at the numbers on the quiz, one through ten. I never read the instructions at the top of the page so to me; the teacher wanted me to perform a magic trick of answers that I was not aware of. I had just come from years of homeschooling and never been taught the public-school procedures. The tests that I was given by my teacher a.k.a. Mom was completely different. Still, I did my best and by no surprise received a zero. Instantly, I labeled myself as unintelligent and incapable in comparison to the peers that surrounded me in that school. I still remember walking down the hallway that smelled like lemons with a lump in my throat. I hated crying in front of people, so I increased the speed of my little legs and headed towards the bathroom stall. My tiny hands covered my eyes as I sobbed and wished that I could magically teleport home.
Through high school I kind of “winged it.” I did not believe in studying because at that time I never understood how to do it. The girl from my youth who was insufficient at testing reminded me that I would never be good enough, so what was the point in trying? Whenever I did receive an “A,” I would be surprised and not know how I did it.
Today as a college student, I found ways to study that suited my brain and habits. First, I turned flashcards into games. I found that I get bored easily so when I need to memorize information my flashcards become either a tic-tac-toe game or a color matching game where I would color the flashcards or draw on them. Another way I learned was a point of view method. Flashcard games were not enough with some subject I encountered so I learned to research the reason behind the curriculum or subject to understand the importance that way I could become interested. Secondly, before taking a quiz or test, I remove negative thoughts and feelings of failure. For instance, if I feel doubt of retaining the information, I quickly disperse that thought and think about the time and effort I put into

Avry from Texas
College Freshman
Lone Star College System