Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Going through my first year of college, I realized that simply just looking over my notes before an exam, as I did in high school, was not going to assist me in my chances of getting accepted into Samford University, let alone their School of Public Health after my time at Jacksonville State University (JSU). Knowing this, I had to find a consistent and effective way to study for future exams which were nearly almost every week. I tried studying with a group of friends from class, but that led to us talking about other things besides school. I tried teaching what I learned during class to some friends, but that failed as well. I even tried reading out loud instead of just simply reading to myself which resulted in me getting weird stares from any and everyone around! After a few days of ineffective studying, I talked to some of my previous high school teachers and found two methods that actually worked for me.

The first method that surprisingly worked for me was utilizing the website/app Quizlet. Quizlet is a web-based study tool that not only allows you to make flashcards for your study material but also allows you to create some interesting study games which helped me memorize the comprehensive material given to me by my professors in a fun way. The second method that aided in my studying for the collegiate level test was utilizing or creating a practice test. Fortunately for me, at least half of my professors that taught me already had practice test created for my class to utilize. As for the other half, I had to make them using the book I bought and the notes that I received during class to create my own. It might seem like a lot of work (and it is) but it is what worked for me.

Freshman year in college was a huge adjustment but after properly managing my time, learning to say “no” a little more, and using the two methods above I am proud to say that I was extremely successful academically at the friendliest campus in the South!

Quadarius from Alabama
College Sophomore
Jacksonville State University