Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I like to think in the mindset of a professor. The professor is the one creating the exam and to think in their perspective is the best way to prepare for the test. I go over my notes a week prior to the exam with my study buddy. Having a study buddy is great because you can teach each other the materials that is a bit confusing. It's very important that you study for thirty minutes and take a five minute break and repeat than studying for one or two hours. It's scientifically proven that studying for thirty minutes straight and taking a break significantly increases productivity, focus, and better retain information. After going through the notes, we both take turns teaching the information to each other on a white board like we are a teacher teaching to a student. We like to use our personal connections and acronyms to better understand and memorize the material. For example, in my biology 1 class, my study buddy used her personal connection about her time at the airport security and how she had to wait almost an hour because she forgot her implant ID from her hip surgery so she had to go through secondary and other security routine in order to pass through airpot security. She used that connection to the nuclear pore complex and how its tough for just anything to pass through the nuclear pores and only through certain functions, the nucleus allows them to enter. Examples like this is how we better understand the material. After grasping the material for the exam, we create practice exam questions for each other that are complex and utilizes information from other units to create a flow through each unit to keep our memories consistent and fresh on each unit through the semester. And lastly, having a good nights sleep of around seven to eight hours is very much needed and better improves your grade because cramming the night before doesn't help and may lead to becoming counterproductive. Personally, I have to say my grade improved compared to my previous semester

Kevin from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
University of Pittsburgh