Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best test preparation actions that I do best with depends on the topic. If I need to memorize how something works or define a specific word, I use flashcards. I make index cards that I put in a recipe card holder to take with me wherever I go. It is something that I can have with me at work, in the grocery line, waiting at the doctor or dentist office or as I am sitting as a passenger in a car. The preparation takes time, but it is always worth it. I begin doing this from the first day of study in order to prevent cramming at the end. To help break down a subject I use different colored index cards so that I have a color associated with a concept.
When a specific point becomes challenging for me to remember, I simply write it over and over and over again. The repetition of the same information has to be copied for me at least 100 times. It was a practice I picked up in elementary school to study geography, spelling, mathematics, dance steps and my lines for drama.
When all else fails, I try to teach the concept to someone else. I try to find a peer, friend or family member that has knowledge in that area in order to be corrected after or along the way of teaching the concept. I also look for digital applications that teach the concept in new ways whether it is an actual app I can download, or find a reliable video source on the internet to show the concept or learn it in a new way.
By using these techniques I was able to pass some of the hardest tests of my life: my financial licenses series 7, series 63 and my pilot and instrument written exams. I was able to pass all of these tests within the same year and keep the concepts separated and retained.

Samantha from Utah
College Sophomore
Western Governors University