Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout high school, I have never struggled with taking tests. I am always prepared and make sure to study hard so that I can keep my straight A’s. One of the ways that I prepare for tests is notecards. I have always found that small bits of information to be more helpful than paragraphs. Notecards make this easy as you can have definitions on one side and the overall term on the other. I have always been better at studying by myself so by quizzing myself I have made it very easy to have small study guides on the go. Recently Quizlet has become a great resource as it provides games and other quick tests that make sure that you know the information very well but still keeping the notecard flow. Another strategy that works well is a whiteboard. Whiteboards have become my number one learning resource recently as they make it very easy to do quick work. It is very easy to have a practice problem and to do it on a whiteboard without wasting paper. Whiteboards also make it really easy to transport your work around so you can always be learning on the go. However, the best way they help me study is the ability to quickly go back and erase work that was either wrong or sloppy and perfect it. In my case, having these smaller items to help me study is best. I cannot focus long enough to have long study sessions, so having things with me when I have down time or just to take a break from something else I am doing makes it easier for me to actually find time to study the information. It is always easy to take it one step at a time in baby steps rather than setting aside a block of time and trying to make giant progressive leaps.

Grant from Colorado
High School Senior
Rocky Mountain High School