Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In preparing for a test, I first make sure I understand what the test will be on. I go through my notes and ask questions to the teacher if necessary. Then, I make flash cards. Lots and lots of flash cards. This process takes a very long time for me to write out my flash cards, which is why Mometrix would have been good for me as they provide flash cards for free, thus I would not have to take the time to write out my own. I go through my flash cards not once, not twice, but at least three times. I separate them as I go through them depending on if I am able to answer it or not. I also make sure to take breaks in between running through my flash cards in order to let the content sink in. I need to keep my energy up, or else I will not remember anything. I make sure to do this process at least three days before the test. That way, when I am running through my flash cards the night before, it is a breeze and I am able to answer each note card with ease. Another aspect of my studying process is something not many people do in their studying techniques. Once I have my flash cards down and I can easily go through them, I make sure to extend my knowledge, to go further. As an IB student, I am taught to think from a global mindset. For instance, recently I had a test on the railroads in the US in my IB history course. After my flash cards were memorized, I went further, I went beyond the constraints of the materials on the test. I looked for information about Canadian railroads and compared this to what I saw with the US. This furthered my knowledge and helped me to appreciate other countries that were not my own. This comparison then helped me to make that very same comparison in a Paper 2 assessment later on in my IB history curriculum. Right before a test, I will wake up early that morning, go through my notes, go through my already memorized flash cards, and make more outside of content connections. Only then do I feel truly ready for a test.

Grace from Connecticut
High School Senior
Guilford High School