Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have really bad test anxiety. I try and deal with it the best I can. I always tend to doubt myself. So, I always need to prepare very hard for the tests it take. It makes me feels better. But, I like to make sure I keep up with my work and stay on top of things. I need to make sure that I just myself enjoy time to study for the test. I make sure that I’m only focusing on one thing at a time. I make sure that the space I am studying in is nice and organized. I like to take breaks once in awhile because studying can be overwhelming sometimes and everyone always needs a break. I don’t like to do things at the last minute because it stresses me out ever more. So, I like to study gradually. I work on a section at a time so I don’t overwhelm myself because that’s never a fun thing to do. I like to make sure I know what the test is about. I don’t like failing tests. I’m nobody does. I like to have friends in that class we have a test in and we all quiz each other to see what we know and we all need to work on and we all just study together. I make sure all the notes I have wrote down are nice and neatly written. I like to go over the notes that I have taken after that class period. If I have any questions I make sure I ask the teacher so, I can get them answered. I also like to compare the notes I have with my classmates just to make sure I have all of them written down. I like to complete any study guide that is provided for me. If there isn’t one provided I like to make my own. I make sure I have everything completed for the chapter that my class is having a test on. I like to make flashcards and practice tests. The day before I take the test, I make sure that I get plenty of sleep. The morning of I make sure I have a good breakfast for I am awake and ready to take my test and that I show up on time to take the test. Using the strategy to prepare for a test work for me because I focus on what I need to work and it helps me learn and remember what the test is about.

Daniella from Colorado
High School Senior
Pueblo Centennial High School