Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices include reviewing the information consistently before exams and using hand written notes. Sometimes I will even rewrite my notes over and over again as I believe I do better when I connect the information to muscle memory. I also find it very helpful to create acronyms for information I am required to memorize especially if it is in a specific order. I also like to connect things I have learned to real life instances whether it be on the appearance of a chemical structure or if it has a similar sound to a word. I have a hard time remembering information so these things really help me memorize important details about my studies. I am also a big believer in getting a good night of sleep and not staying up or trying to pull an all-nighter just to cram in more information, because chances are you will end up forgetting stuff you already know due to sleep deprivation.

Oklahoma from Oklahoma
College Sophomore
Oklahoma State University