Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always been of the belief that constant review and repetition of class material is the best way to study for any exam. Most people do not recall information after studying it only one or two times, especially when it comes to science and math classes. I am no exception to this rule, so I need to review information for any exam four to five times before I clearly understand the terms and concepts connecting everything together.

For me, constant review and repetition consists of a combination of reading the textbook, taking clear and concise notes, and utilizing flash cards to remember important terms and concepts. For example, when I study for my science exams I read the chapter prior to class and write down any bolded terms or key concepts. I take these notes to class and compare them to the professor’s lecture, circling important points, adding to my notes where necessary, and crossing off information that will not be on the exam. After lecture, I turn these notes immediately into flash cards based on the study guide and study them until I can remember most of the terms and concepts. If I have time, I then go through the study guide and write a paragraph about each concept in it, just to make sure that I fully understand every concept on the exam and can speak to it in terms I understand. After the full process, I should have reviewed all information about the chapter four to five times, and can come back to any stage of the process for further review, if necessary. Keep in mind that this process should be repeated after reading each chapter, if possible, to avoid cramming.

While my study method may be lengthier than others, it has never failed me, and thus far I’ve received A’s in all of my classes. I believe that this study method can be applied to any class, and that everyone has the ability to get their best possible grade by constantly reviewing and repeating concepts they learn over time, instead of cramming at the last minute.

Lacee from Oregon
College Sophomore
Rogue Community College