Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Multiple students fail to adequately prepare themselves by studying in advance for an upcoming exam. Many usually cram study the night before or a few hours before the exam. However, preparing for tests begins before than just a few days before the test. I know that by actively participate in class and give my full attention to the professor, I will have greater retention of the material. This begins with being prepared for the class, sitting in the front, and reviewing the material beforehand. Professors emphasize which concepts, examples, or problems are important for the exam, which I highlight on my notes.

These habits will make it easier down the road when I need to review the material. Once the class has finished, I read my notes right after class or when I have enough free time, which allows me to keep up with the material, better my understanding, and discover the concepts that I am struggling with. I complete assignments and indicate the problems I had difficulty answering so that when I meet with my professor, tutors, or study group, I know which problems I can bring up and discuss. When it is a few days before the exam, I read the textbook and then my notes. This reminds me of the material I have possibly forgotten while refreshing my memory. I complete the problems that were emphasized by my professor and those I struggled with previously. Doing this ensures I demonstrate an understanding of the material and can apply what I have learned. After I finish, I focus on concepts I struggled with by utilizing quizlet for flashcards, Youtube videos for visual and audio learning, and reading the book.

It is understandable that keeping a study schedule is difficult with having other classes and events. That is why being present in class is important as simple tasks like paying attention, taking notes, and participating cuts out half of the battle from preparing for an exam. This allows you to have a strong foundation in which further studying can build on.

Alyssa from California
College Sophomore
University of California-San Diego