Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The test preparation practices that work best for me can be described perfectly with a precision of P’s.
• Pray for wisdom and retention
• Perfect your pre-game (study habits)
• Prepare an outline for study
• Practice the materials in which you are studying
• Pass your test
• Praise your self – Celebrate
The above mentioned test preparation practices have worked best for me because they provide consistency, discipline, structure and outcomes. When preparing for or taking a test, prayer is my first action, as it provides me with a sense of calmness and security. It removes the anxiety that typically comes along with test preparation and gives me a sense of peace. Perfecting my study habits by setting a strict schedule and sticking to it has helped me to prepare and strengthen my test preparation practices. Perfecting my study habits comes along with setting goals to ensure retention of the study materials, and abiding by the study schedule even on those days when I may not feel up to it. Keeping my mind focused on my end result of passing is sure motivation to adhere to the study schedule. In an effort to keep for overloading my brain and cramming to much information into a study session I develop outlines for each study session. Each outline will cover specific areas of materials for that study period for me to review and retain. I then repetitively practice the concepts of the matter in which I am studying until it is embedded in my psyche until I can regurgitate it like my name. Then there is nothing left to do but pass my test. After the passing of the test I take a moment to praise myself for my accomplishments.

Landon from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Edmond Santa Fe