Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I'm a visual learner who likes to connect ideas. To prepare for an exam, I write notecards with different colors for different topics. Then, I either have a friend help me study while I pace back and forth and run around the classroom, or I throw the notecards all over the floor of my room and read each one as I pick them up. If I get the word right, I put the notecard on my desk. If I get it wrong, I put it on the floor again and mix it up so that I can find it later. lf the topics are harder than just notecards, I will hijack a classroom and repeatedly create massive flowcharts and graphs in different colors until I don't have to refer to my notes for help. The colors, charts, and graphs help me connect ideas for when the test comes. The exercise helps get my brain working and friends help make studying fun. I've learned that it is important to take breaks, because otherwise, I will tire myself out, so I set timers for 30-minute increments and pause to go on a walk or talk with a friend for a bit. I try not to go on my phone or I will never actually study. Making studying new, different, colorful, and slightly entertaining helps motivate me to learn and retain the information for when the test comes.

Camden from North Carolina
College Junior
Elon University