Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before a test first I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. I make sure I am studying in a quiet, undistracted place and put away all devices unless I can listen to music with that specific material or am using quizlet. Then I take all of my notes, and study guides for that chapter or whatever material the test will be on and lay it all out on the desk I am studying on. Then I set a amount of time to study for that section and stick to it, perhaps 20-40 minutes because I have a short attention span. I always study for several days (weeks for bigger tests) in advance rather than cramming the night before so I can study in shorter terminals because this works better for me. While studying I chew a minty gum because it is said that mint enhances memory so why not? Then I use flash cards primarily because they drill the information the best, I start with the definitions first and after I have those down at least 99% I switch to the term side and relay the information on the other side. If I was preparing for an anatomy test for health, I use multiple copies of the diagram and study it and fill it out until I know it. I also memorize acronyms from top to bottom from the first letter of each word to help me remember the words if I don't have a word bank. For history if you need to memorize historical events, presidents it helps to get it in the beat of a song, so if there is one look up a song on Youtube. There are songs for memorizing the order of the presidents. It's all about drilling the information into your head in different ways rather than staring at a paper for hours upon hours, that gets boring and I fall asleep so I prefer active studying. Use flash cards, quizlets, have people quiz you, use diagrams, make your own test, teach your dog the material, drill your weak points.

Catherine from New Jersey
High School Senior
Bordentown Regional High School