Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My name is Kenneth D. Donagan and i'm a student with an IEP. Ever since my parents started to suspect something was wrong, life was a little hard for me and my mother and father as far as I can remember. It has been some very difficult years since I was given the right diagnosis, but over time I have gotten better and better. In certain classes where I have a hard time understanding a subject I have a parapro and my original problem was meltdowns or outbursts, yet for the past few years I have been getting better and better to the point were I was offered the opportunity to have as minimal as needed. Now i’m in college and career research and am being prepared for the future. I plan to be the person who helps pay back the price for those who have been in the army and gave an arm and a leg for us all. I want to give a hand to thoughs who lost theirs, I want to be a Prosthetist. I want to an employable part of the community and I want to help others who need it dearly. I can’t do this alone however, i need help, a chance to be able to learn the things i need to do just this. I would appreciate it if you would be the one/ones to help in giving me that chance.

Kenneth from Michigan
High School Senior
taylor highschool