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Growing up, I lived a life of constant transition. Before my first birthday, my parents were already divorced and living separate lives. Like many adults in this type of situation, they struggle to communicate, compromise with each other, and find the best way to raise their children without putting them in the middle of their issues. Aside from their conflicts, they wanted the best for my brother and I. They tried their hardest to make each household our home. Without realizing, many of their actions ultimately affected us. Even though I was raised differently from many children, the struggles and hardship I face shaped me into the person I am today.
Being raised in two separate homes meant having two different families, routines, set of rules, and environmental structures. The transition of living as a single parent was especially harder on my mom. To cope with this transition, she often was emotionally and physically abusive towards my brother and me. I remember the feeling of being frightened and scared of living in a home where there was constant yelling and destruction. I was afraid of the one person who was supposed to protect me from any kind of harm; instead, that was the person who was harming me. I was often left with marks and bruises and was always instructed to lie about where they came from. These actions took an emotional toll on me. The physical abuse got out of hand to the point others noticed, eventually my dad was able to remove my brother and me from this situation and put us into a healthy and safe environment.
“It takes a village to raise a child’ my dad used to say. This was especially true once I moved in with my dad into a household with nine different people, four bedrooms, and two bathrooms. There were five adults and four children, It was crowded at times, but I felt comfortable, safe, and happy living there. I moved to a different school where I was involved in sports and after-school activities. I had stability and encouragement as my family always guided and motivated me to do my best. I learned many things from each and every one of my family members. They taught me the importance of having strong moral principles, how to value what matters most in life, but most importantly what it’s like to live in a home with unconditional love. My mom eventually got help, which enabled us to repair our relationship and create a strong bond. I currently live with my mother because this past summer my father moved away to Alabama for work purposes. I struggle with not having my father present in my life, but every day I always remember to be strong and to always have a positive mindset.
It is said that things happen for a reason. Looking back at the life I lived, and the people I was raised around made me appreciate who I’ve become today. The past has shaped me into the person I am today as it has made me become an independent person who strives to succeed and accomplish all my goals. I will always carry my past experiences with me, but I will never let it affect the future ahead of me. I Plan on graduating from an early college high school with an Associate degree and continue to higher my education at a four year university that offers a well-known nursing program. I would like to receive a Bachelor’s of Science and become a registered nurse. I know this was not the life my parents had planned for me to live when I was born. I don’t quite understand how this situation got so out of hand, but I believe I have handled it to the best of my ability in my short years of life.

Ariana from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde Early College Hugh School