Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test prepping is something very stressful and time consuming to do, however, is something that is highly recommended. When I have to start test prepping I go through a strict process and follow every step with precision – and time and time again it proves me right and allows me to go take a test focused and ready to get an ‘A’. I have to follow this process during test times and that is because I have trained myself in excellence to give out excellence. My process starts days before the test, a few days before tests I always like to review and make sure I understand concepts, information, or equations for the test that is coming up. This is just so I can make sure everything is understandable and study something that I was ‘ify’ on more. This is for sure something everyone should do, because if you don’t know anything how can you even take the test? Following the reviewing, the day before a test is where I focus on myself and make sure that I am healthy and ready to tackle the next day. I always want to alleviate myself of stress and make sure I am ready to be focused and diligent. I do this by working out, relaxing, or by just meditating – and I can’t reiterate this enough, this if anything, is the most important part of test prepping. Now the last phase of my test prepping strategy, is a little superstitious but gives me a confidence boost, I follow the idea of “dress well, test well”. This is something that allows me to feel better about myself and know that since I look better I will perform better. Now this is not proven to work but increases my endorphins and allows me to focus better, and even if it isn’t proven to work, I personally feel as if I do perform better. To summarize I follow this test prepping strategy and from middle school all the way up to my first semester in college I am more ready then I could have ever thought to go and tackle an exam to get an ‘A’.

Jared from Colorado
College Freshman
University of Tennessee Knoxville