Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best and most effective test preparation is making the studying free of distractions. I must confess that I am a closet student! As a mother of two I find it hard to stay away from distractions, so I have made the spare room’s closet into my very own study nook. Kids have no idea mommy is in the closet! All they know is that mommy disappears from time to time. My study nook keeps my laptop and course material. The nook is also the place where I do my homework and focus in my schoolwork. I have also adopted a flashcard habit. I carry two sets of flashcards, one in my purse and the other pasted all around my closet! When I go into my closet, I look at the wall or door, read the questions, and answer them. I check myself to make sure my answer is correct. I make sure I go into my closet for at least thirty minutes a day to study and prepare for my upcoming test. The days spent in the closet vary from test to test. The more I know the material, the less time I spend in my closet. The second set of flashcards I carry in my purse. I use the cards on my spare time throughout the day. The breaks I have at work are used to studying my cards. Lunch break is spend with cards on hand. All spare time is devoted to flashcards. The thirty-minute closet break is also helpful. This helps me study little by little and not cram all the material. This has helped me with retention on the material. I seem to hold on to what I learned, not just remember the material for the test, and forget it as soon as I take the test. The writing of two sets of flashcards has also helped me learn the material. I realized that by writing the questions and answers twice, I tend to remember a few questions and answers before I begin the thirty-minute studying sessions. The most important and effective studying habit is the one that works for you. My studying nook sessions and my flashcards are most definitely the best test preparation practices I have. I am definitely one that needs to be free of distractions when studying for a test. I have found my closet to help me stay clear from all distractions.

Fabiana from Florida
College Junior
Western Governors University