Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Using what I learned in my math classes, along with much practice and determination, I was able to score a 790 on the math section of the SAT, missing only 1 out of 58 questions. I believe the strategy I used for the test helped lead me to scoring so high along with my skill. After evaluating my weaknesses in previous PSAT and SAT exams, I noticed a pattern in my shortcomings. I often missed problems at the end of the section, where I had to numerically grid an answer rather than bubble-in for multiple choice. Once I realized this, I inferred that I could absolve it by taking the respective sections backwards, solving the grid-ins first along with the much harder multiple choice that test-makers left for the end of the section. This allowed me to allot the beginning and majority of my time to solving complex and unfamiliar problems that I’d usually stress over and second guess myself with because of the ticking clock in my head. It also pushed the far more easy problems to the end of my time, where I could solve them quickly without stress because I’d practiced hundreds of similar fashion problems already. As I took the test, I took my time, confirming with myself that I had gotten the correct answer or if I had to go back to review it later. Each page I turned gave me more adrenaline to solve every new problem I read. As I reached the end -or as my strategy would imply- the front of each section, I bolted my head up towards the clock to determine how to divvy out my “review time.” For each section, I had finished with about thirteen minutes to spare, but instead of sitting back and watching the clock tick, I went back to reaffirm that I had chosen what I thought were the most correct answers because I believe there is always something to look back at, no matter how confident or not someone is in their answers, as evident by the one question I missed. I’m proud of how I decided to take the test because I believe that it really utilized my abilities to their fullest.

Juan from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde Early College High School