Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is vital in education and important to learn early on. People prepare for tests differently because they learn differently. However, everyone needs to study. People don’t usually just sit through class and walk out fully prepared for the test. Test prep is useful when taught early, but better late than never. Although people learn differently, some helpful testing tips include detailed notes, studying early, and keeping healthy.
Take detailed notes in class. Detailed notes are easier to decipher when studying. Make unique notes with varying colors and fonts that will allow material to be easily distinguished when studying, so it can be visualized later. Make note of things repeated in class; if the teacher repeats it, you’ll probably see it again. Detailed notes also require more attention in class requiring you to listen more closely in class.
Study early. Rather than cramming the night before, study a little every day. Studying daily will be more beneficial in the long run. Studying every day allows for repetition which makes the material easier to remember. When you’re repeating information over and over again you will find it easier to retain and you’ll know it for longer than if you shove it all in at once.
Stay healthy by eating breakfast, drinking water, and getting good rest. Physical readiness is just as vital as mental readiness. Focus is harder when tired or hungry, making concentration hard. Dehydration often causes headaches making information harder to process and answers harder to deduct. Preparing the body is just as important as preparing the mind.
Test preparation is vital to scholastic success. Physical preparation sets your mind up for success. Progressive studying allows your mind to retain more information. Extensive class notes allow you to better understand material and picture information shared in class. Ultimately, studying is up to the studier. Everyone learns differently, but some practices can be used by everyone.

Emily from Georgia
College Freshman
Word of Life Bible Institute