Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test prep practices consist of constantly going through the same style of problems over and over again. I think that the brain learns best when it begins to recognize patterns in problems, so constantly putting it through similar problems helps me recognize in what scenario resolutions are required. I use this style of studying when it comes to math, for example calculus. In order to properly understand calculus, I had to go through extra problems apart from assigned homework until I could recognize and understand the relationship between integrals and Riemann sums, as well as the applications for integrals and how to properly solve for definite and indefinite integrals.
Another test prep habit that I have picked up for subjects unrelated to math is organization from biggest to smallest, as well as connecting the unfamiliar subject matter to something that I'm familiar with or at least understood at first glance. For example, I have been taking an Anatomy and Physiology class, with practicals being done on the numerous systems. In order to memorize for example the bones and the structures on them, I would first start with the placement of the bones. The radius has a circular structure up at the top, hence the name radius. Its placement is on the outside of the ulna, so to remember that, one can just associate the R in radius with Right. Once you get the hang of going through the bones like this, your brain makes the connections quickly and easily.

Jesus from Illinois
College Freshman
Morton College