Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In all walks of life tests are a very reliable way to assess an individual's skill level and/or intellect, in order to provide an accurate feedback of their strengths and weaknesses. In education, tests are particularly important to the teacher as they are to the students. It helps both parties measure competency in a particular subject matter so to provide an indication of whether or not the student can advance to next level in their education career.
Since test anxiety is common, it is important that coping strategies be implemented well before the test date to sufficiently prepare a person to give their maximum effort towards achieving success on that faithful day. In my educational career I've happened to take countless tests, and I've developed quite a number of preparation practices that have proven to be exceptionally useful. However, as an engineering student most of these practices are exclusive to only certain classes. One of the many effective ways I prepare for a test is to thoroughly revise over past assignments. The reason being, it's a trend for most of my teachers to pick a handful of questions from previous class assignments and so by revising them, I'm able to recollect critical information pertinent to what is being asked as it is usually fresh in my mind. Another practice of mine is that I try not to study any material on test day regarding the class which I'm testing. This is because the more I begin to cramp information into my mind on test day the more I end up forgetting what I already studied, so instead I just listen to acoustic music and from memory write down whatever I can remember about the subject areas I'm testing on. Finally, study groups are critical to my academic success. Days before a test, I immerse myself in Q and A sessions with my study buddies to enable me think fast and promptly know what areas I need to focus on more.
These are a few test preparation practices that work for me and I thank you for letting me share.

Emmanuel from Illinois
College Junior
Ferris State University