Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

How I Study, What Works for Me, by Jessica Roberts
Studying for exams can make you run screaming to bury your head like an ostrich. To keep myself from becoming crazed, I have developed a study plan. Having a study plan is important for success. Without a system in place, it can be almost impossible to succeed. I have three essential steps I use to study for exams.
The first, I organize my materials. I sharpen my pencils, grab scrap paper, and make sure my computer is charged. Part of organization for me is having a snack, and a bottle of water. If I am hungry I become distracted or feel overwhelmed. I organize materials given to me by the teacher, such as study guides or notes. Then, right before starting to sit down, I take a trip to the bathroom.
Second, I head to my room. I need to be in my own space to study. I put my phone on silence, and turn the tv off. I like to sit on my bed, reading over all the material and instructions before I begin studying.
The final thing I do; is dependent on the type of test I am taking. For math test, I review mathematical rules and practice the type of math problems expected to be on the test. For history, government or science, I make index cards with questions or vocabulary on one side, and the answer on the back. As I master each index card, I set the card to the side and focus on the information I am having difficulties with. For a literature type test, I review my notes from the book. I look online for summaries or discussions about the book. Then, I make index cards to work on vocabulary or to solidify comprehension.
Studying for exams requires prior preparation in order to be successful. Organizing yourself, by materials, snacks, and bathroom needs is a helpful way to get your mind ready to study. Making sure the environment is set for your best study type is important. Index cards are an essential asset in order to solidify the information into memory. Taking the time to study is most important

Jessica from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Chickasha High School