Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In this age of technology, many students prefer to use online resources such as Quizlet to help them study for tests or quizzes. While Quizlet is a great tool for studying large amounts of vocabulary, it subtracts a very important factor from the process of studying. Writing down each word and definition on flashcards is key to remembering information on tests. Instead of accessing a pre made set of cards, I prefer to write out my flashcards with bright colored pens and markers. I am a visual learner, so the colors help me remember definitions for specific topics. Performing the action of writing down the definitions allows me to recognize words faster than looking at a pre made set of flashcards. As I previously mentioned, I love to use several colored pens and markers when I study for tests regardless of the subject. From a young age I have been discouraged from using pens to take notes in math class. When I entered my freshmen year of highschool, I discovered that using pens in math class made my notes appear bolder and I could follow steps in equations easier. For example, I would write the equation with bright pink ink, then I would solve it using black ink. Once I reached my final answer, I would use purple ink to write and box my final answer. Everyday I would switch up the colors, so I could differentiate concepts from each other. My study time is more productive when I am able to quickly distinguish the steps I used to find the solution to an equation. Furthermore, I organize my homework and classwork by month using folders. One of the hardest parts of reviewing for tests is finding the material with correct answers to study from. In the past, I would throw away graded classwork because I thought it had no use after I turned it in. Soon, I realized that organizing my homework and classwork was extremely useful. By keeping my schoolwork in order, I am able to effeciently refer back to it when I need to prepare for tests .

Oluwatomike from Texas
High School Senior
TMI-Texas Military Institute