Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It wasn’t until I was in college, after years of trial and error that I was able to figure out a study method that works for me. I’ve found this to be an issue for a lot of students because everyone retains information differently. One of my main goals for finding the right study method is to truly understand the material and remember it even after the test. This is especially important for me as a nursing student, because every bit of information is crucial to remember when I need to apply it in a hospital setting.
The best way to study for me, starts in the classroom. Every day in class I will simply listen attentively to the instructor and occasionally note down any short important points. I will avoid taking extensive notes as this might drive my attention away from what the instructor is saying. After I get home from class I will thoroughly read through the PowerPoint or chapter that the days teaching was based on. While I am reviewing, I will take detailed notes on the section. I continue to do this every day after this class. Once I get closer to the exam, I will read over all of my notes. Reviewing the information consistently over a long period of time has helped me avoid cramming. After I review my notes, I will quiz myself on any points I am having a hard time remembering or understanding by using the Quizlet app. This app allows you to create online flash cards. Seeing the material physically on two different platforms has helped me solidify the information. I have found these methods to be successful for me, because they force me to consistently review the information every day. This is important because when I get closer to take the test I am not overwhelmed or stressed by the amount of information I have to go over. My strategy works for me because it uses almost all of my senses in some way by reading, listening, writing, quizzing and online reading which helps me remember the information in every way.

Mia from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona- College of Nursing