Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before beginning anything related to studying, you should establish where you can focus. Your area of focus could differs from everyone else: meaning you you might not be able to focus with music playing but someone else can, or you can focus in complete silence but a different person cannot. I usually request finding an educational environment; it is a place that reminds you of school in a way. The idea is that if you usually learn, focus, and do your work in school, then studying in an environment as such would motivate you to study and get things done. Try to find a place With no distractions; if pictures, posters, or even objects on your desk distract you then it is best to put them away. Try organizing your study area as much as possible, you will feel as if your mind is so much more relaxed and at ease. When studying the material, make flash cards or use a flash card application on your phone for easy access. When reading information or essays/articles/books, make sure to take notes. Keeping some sticky notes on your study table is very helpful. When you are attempting to study for a test, write that information down and actually understand what you are writing. If you cannot understand, get a friend on the phone/ catch them in class, or get a tutor for the subject’s test. DO NOT OVER EXERT YOURSELF. You will not be able to focus if you are tired, take some time to rest. Take a nap before or mid your studying. Eat well; your focus will be affected by your hunger. Try to get a quick snack between study sessions, or have a friend or family member to stop by after a few hours to get a snack for you. If you don’t have anyone available to stop by to bring you some food, then you can keep a snack close by or make a sandwich and have it ready for you when you get hungry. Stressful as it is, don’t overthink how you will study until you’ve been somewhat familiar with the topic. Make sure you were some thing comfortable for when you sit to study for hours. Good luck!!!!

Madonna from Louisiana
High School Senior
David Thibodeaux STEM Magnet Academy