Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is something that is very important to me because I struggle with test anxiety. Since I was in kindergarten I would answer a question, erase it, and answer it again — unsure and worried about making a mistake. During my first final of my freshman year of high school was the first time that a teacher took notice — finally someone noticed while it was happening. My teacher told me and my parents that he could see a physical change in me when i started taking the test. This is when I started changing my test preparation practices. When I start learning a new chapter — I immediately start making notecards and writing notes — this has helped me have a slow review throughout the whole lesson or chapter. I do this so that when the test is announced I don't feel overwhelmed while studying and I walk into the test feeling calm and prepared. This process has helped me during my high school years.

I again faced the obstacle of test anxiety before my junior year of high school when I decided I wanted to start taking college classes for dual credit. To be eligible for some classes I had to take placement test. I had to walk into these test without any test prep. This time the test anxiety hit me so hard that I broke out in hives from head-to-toe. Again, I realized that I needed to prepare myself for when I need to take the ACT and SAT.

Learning to prepare and study in a way that is best for me has allowed me to complete over 35 college credit hours before graduating from high school — with a 3.58 college GPA and a 3.78 high school GPA. I know that these study habits and practices will help me as I enter into my freshman year at Baldwin Wallace University.

Gina from Ohio
High School Senior
Strongsville High School