Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I suffer from horrible testing anxiety. Knowing this, I've created a way to solve this in myself. In preparing for a test, I write down all key terms on note cards. I organize the note cards by color. One color for key terms, one for important dates/time periods, and one for important thoughts. I highlight any part of the note card that is extremely important. I also use a note taking app on my phone when spur of the moment thoughts pop into my head. I read my note cards over and over. When i'm done reading them, I read them again just to be sure. I have a photographic memory, so if I make the note card memorable, using the highlighter and sometimes small pictures, I can recall it from my memory easier. The day of the test I read through my note cards a few more times. I spend quite a bit of time building myself up. I have a hard time believing I am smart enough to pass tests, especially computerized tests. I enter a testing center and my mind goes blank. I spend the pre-test time reminding myself of my abilities and my purpose for becoming a teacher. Usually, with the help of the note cards, and my favorite Mometrix study guide (Praxis) I am able to complete anything I set my mind to.

Hailey from Idaho
College Junior
Western Governors University