Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I study for tests I usually rely on the tools my teachers give my as my primary study tool. The tools I receive by my teachers are sometimes a study guide, answers to some of the upcoming test questions, or Kahoots made by my teachers. After I have focused on my primary tools I will then reefer back to my notes that I have taken throughout the unit. I then connect the main points from my primary tools to my notes and expand my knowledge by the notes I have taken. My note taking strategies are simple but effective; I have learned that every teacher is different so I take notes differently in each class in terms of what I write down. I use a few different colored pens. I write most of my notes in black pen, definitions in blue pen, and important facts or tricks that teachers emphasize and it is clear that I should take note of what they're saying. I never take notes on everything my instructor says, instead I I summarize what my instructors are teaching and write down the general idea of what they are teaching. The only exception to this rule is when I am writing down a definition or when I am writing in red ink. When I am studying for a test and I cannot figure out a problem despite the tools my teachers have given me and my notes, then I will talk to one of my classmates and most of the time they will be gracious enough to work the problem and explain to be how they solved it.

My father taught me all of these tactics to take notes and study; I have used these tools that I have listed above throughout my entire high school career and they have proven practical and effective. My time at high school has given me a great chance to learn how to take notes and teach myself. I now know how to study for test and work hard in school in order to earn good grades. I can confidently say that these tools have prepared me for college because I have been taking college classes my freshman year. I have used these studying tactics in my college classes and I have done well.

Hogan from Colorado
High School Senior
Windsor Charter Academy Early College High School