Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t get a chill down their spine at the word “Test”, but fear not! With some of these test prep practices, you can kiss that giant fear of test taking goodbye. First off, when I’m preparing for a test, my all time favorite method is flashcards. As colloquial is they may seem, they really help a lot especially if you’re trying to reinforce certain concepts. They’re easy to carry around with you so whenever you find you have any free time, you can just whip them out and study! I like to color code my flashcards based on topic: blue for one topic, pink for another, orange for things I may not be strong at! It’s always fun to get creative with it. Another favorite test prep practice of mine is studying with a friend. Not only is it a fun way to review, but by constantly saying the concepts out loud, you’re reinforcing what you learn! Go to a coffee shop, a cute bookstore, or some calming atmosphere and help each other go over things that you may not know. Chances are, you’ll know something they don’t and vice versa and can teach each other! Finally, another great way of test prep is by simply doing practice tests. Find some questions you did in class or some problems online and try working them out again on your own! Then go to a teacher or mentor with anything you weren’t sure how to do. This is a great way of getting exposure to the things that you might see on a test! All in all, when it comes to tests, try to relax! You always know more thank you think you do. Everyone is unique and has their own way of studying. These are some methods that work for me and hopefully they’ll work for you too!

Anastasia from Texas
High School Senior
Reagan High School