Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Mnemonics, and recording, and rewriting, Oh My! I find that a combination of these three strategies work very well for me when I am studying for a test. As often as possible I use Mnemonics when I have a list of things I have to memorize. For my Honors English class last year we had fifteen spelling words to memorize every week. For the tests our teacher would give us a blank piece of paper and we had to write all fifteen words and the definitions from memory. I would use a form of mnemonics to memorize the words by taking the first letter of each word and making a nonsense phrase out of them. For instance let’s say the words are: sat, tap, rid, ice, pet, exit, diet, last, act, cat, edit, door, edge, sit, and kite. (No, the words were NEVER this easy!) I would mix the first letter around until it formed the phrase “striped lace desk.” The phrase was always totally nonsensical yet easier to remember than fifteen random words. I would write all 15 letters down the side of the blank page and then fill in the words and definitions. It worked! I had straight A’s in Honors English! Another study device I use is recording and rewriting. As often as possible I record lectures on my phone. I ask permission from my teachers ahead of time. I record the lectures, and then at night I listen to them again. I add notes and comments to the notes I took in class during the lecture. For me, it helps to cement the information when I hear it a second time. I can also go back to my teachers and ask questions if I am confused about an idea or missed information the first time. How do I study? What works for me? Mnemonics, and recording, and rewriting, OH MY!

Kennedy from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Sunbury Christian Academy