Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many study tactics I have tried over my years of education. There's the common rewriting of notes, the flashcard initiative, and highlighting text. While all of these things can be helpful, for me, it is just plain ol' reading my notes. However, this cannot simply work with any type of notes. In order for my strategy to be effective, I must pay attention in lectures and classes intently. I must write extra notes on what the professor goes on tangents about and things I may deem important. Additionally, I have to attend each and every lecture provided for the lesson. This is due to the fact that notes from my classmates simply do not work as well for me. Lastly, I have to be sure to ask questions in class. Otherwise, I won't grasp concepts or ideas well. Another aspect that helps me is reading in my own handwriting, rather than studying off of a computer or laptop. I do my absolute best to utilize as little paper as possible in this process. An additional tactic I may use on top of studying my notes is using sticky notes to reiterate ideas, in my own words, of things I do not understand off the bat. This helps to convey my understanding in a clear and concise way in order for me to read about later in my studying. Another useful tip is one everyone knows, but few do: studying before the night before. I believe that our brains process new information immensely better over a night's rest. So much knowledge has to be integrated in a timely manner and cannot be crammed in an overnight session. Another thing I am sure to do is get rest. One would be surprised at what a good night's sleep can do for you. My tactics may be a bit old-school but they are tried and true, as my college GPA is a 3.8 (which I am very proud of!)

Lauren from Louisiana
College Sophomore
University of Louisiana at Lafayette