Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a visual learner and I also prefer an authentic learning experience, or in other words I learn best when the material is relatable to experiences I know more about. Therefore what has always worked best for me when preparing to take a test, in any subject, is to take the notes from the textbook, Ebook, or any other learning materials I have available to me and create a story out of it, sometimes with a little animation thrown in. I had to study DNA replication for a test and there were so many steps to memorize, so I made each step a superhero. Helicase has to unzip the strand of DNA was step one so I created "Heli" and before he starts unzipping he announces, "Heli is on the case!". The enzyme Primase comes in next to add a piece of RNA called Primer so I had the character Primase come in wearing a toolbelt adding in the RNA. it might sound totally silly but come test time I nailed it. that's something I'd like to bring to my teaching someday, learning should be fun and sometimes that is the best way to remember things is by learning them in a fun and creative way.

Stephanie from Mississippi
College Sophomore
Western Governors University