Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I'm not a very good test taker, especially when it comes to standardized tests. I get nervous and I let every little thing get to my head. Studying becomes very time consuming and frustrating. The ACT used to be my biggest fear, but I overcame that fear with the help of some outstanding teachers. Recently, my school offered a "study day" for the whole school the day before we all took the ACT. Each teacher went over tips, tricks, and example problems with us. During the day I acquired more knowledge than I thought I could control. My biggest struggle on the ACT was the Reading portion; I could never get past answering the first passage questions. I consistently struggle with reading comprehension, so I tend to read the same section more than once. One of the tricks I was taught in that day was to read just the first and last sentence of every paragraph. This maneuver gives you the main concept of each paragraph, so you can still answer questions about the entire story, but also it's easier to remember what each paragraph is about, so you can quickly go back to it to answer the question. For me, the technique worked tremendously; it saved me so much time and stress; I didn't feel rushed, and I got all the way to the last passage using this technique! Another technique I use when taking unstandardized test is flashcards. Flashcards are so useful for me, if I use them correctly. I believe they work for me because I can visualize the cards. I use flashcards on mostly vocabulary tests and medical terminology. Acronyms are very useful to me, as well. Using acronyms, I can connect something I enjoy with something I need to learn. This technique can be entertaining and useful. This technique got my attention because it can keep me focus, but also gives me a break from concentrating too hard. Test taking is never easy, but having useful techniques to help keep you on the right track. Different personalities use different techniques, but these are a few of my favorites.

Kaitlynn from Tennessee
High School Senior
Pickett County High School