Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I definitely have great test preparation practices! Not only do they work for me but for my classmates as well. For one, our generation is mostly visual so for my notes, I draw pictures of what the keywords remind me of. Then I underline and highlight all the keywords in yellow. For each part of my notes, I write them in different colors. It's easier for your brain to remember them than just black ink on white paper. After I write all my notes, I study them the same day. It's scientifically proven your brain will retain the information 60% better than cramming before the night of the test. Not only do I study them but I read them out loud seven times. It works way better than just reading them over and over. Most teachers also give out study guides for tests. Test yourself before the actual test! Review the study guide without your notes the first time. Do this either based on what you learned in class or what you learned in the notes. Don't guess on any questions! If you're not 100% sure, mark it and come back to it later. Once you review the study guide for the first time, now you know exactly what you need to study for the test instead of just studying all of your notes because most of the time all of the information isn't on the test. After you've studied the notes, do another study guide and keep doing them until you've answered every question with 100% confidence. Contrary to popular belief, cramming is not effective. Using this technique is significantly more effective. If you don't know the information by midnight before the night of the test, go to sleep. Your brain will retain what you do know better than and it's better than risking forgetting all of it. What I do before the night of the test, is take pictures of all my notes and study guides and I review them walking to class or on the way to school. I'm honestly not the best taker so I understand struggling to test well. I guarantee if you use these test-taking tips, you will score much higher!

Chazzyn from Georgia
High School Senior
Kipp Atlanta Collegiate High School