Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone has a little trouble with focusing when it comes to studying for a test, but I have a couple tips that may help you. Being an early college student, I had to constantly be focusing on my upcoming tests for college and high school. The first thing I would do is write down my upcoming tests that way I knew how much time I had ahead of me in order to prepare. The way that I would ensure that I could always get a good grade is to study each day some of the material that would be on the test, that way the day before I didn't have to cram all the information in at once. However, if I didn't get the chance to do this, I would study by doing mini drills. Many times for my tests, the teachers would provide reviews or I would even make my own by asking what would be on the test. When it came down to the night before, I would study each section then quiz myself on just that specific section, and I would do this until I have reviewed each section that is supposed to be on the test. Once I had studied all the sections, then I would practice the review as a whole to ensure I wouldn't forget anything. I did this a couple times until I knew the answers on the review without looking at the actual review. During this time, I would also make sure to take breaks during each section, that way I wouldn't stress myself out too much or force all the information into my brain at once. Throughout the day, if I got extra time in class or even at lunch, I would review a couple times. However, I think my best preparation practice is to rest in between so I wouldn't get stressed so easily. You are more than likely to do better on a test if you aren't stressing about it and if you are relaxed. The night before my test, I would make sure my backpack was ready to go and I would go to bed early to get a good nights' rest. The day of my test, I would wake up early, so I'm not stressing about time and I would eat a good breakfast to ensure my brain was alert all day for my test.

Samantha from Texas
High School Senior
Mission Early College High School