Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices are the use of flashcards and repetition. Using flashcards is an extremely effective way to study, because each time you flip from one to the other, your brain starts to recall and memorize the questions and answers. The more you look through your flashcards, the more material you will start to remember. Writing down the question and the answer on the flashcard also helps your brain remember. This is why many parents use flashcards with younger kids, because it makes it easier for them to recall the material. You can sort your cards into a pile of “I don’t know” and “I know”. This concept helps me figure out what material I need to study more and what I already know. Using flash cards also makes it easier for other people to test you on the material. Everyone is different, but I would strongly recommend the use of flashcards as a study tactic for both kids and adults, because for the people that can not study visually, recall seems to work much more effectively. I use flashcards to study for every subject and personally it works best for me, because it helps me remember and keeps my brain thinking at all times. I have even learned that separating my flashcards into groups works well, because it helps me learn the material in sections and in return I do not become too overwhelmed. Repetition is a great way to study, because without going over the material multiple times you usually won’t memorize it on the first try... unless you have a fantastic memory. Just like with the use of flash cards, parents teach their children repetition daily like when their child first learns how to talk or read a book. When you go over something multiple times, the material gradually begins to become easier to recall. Repetition can also make it easier to re-learn something in the future if you forgot the material. When I go to college I will continue to use the same study tactics of flash cards and repetition, because it has always worked best for me.

Hayley from Illinois
High School Senior
Coulterville High School