Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For an upcoming test I have a few ways that I like to review. The main thing I do is write out a review. I feel like going through my books or recordings and rewriting out what I’ve learned reinforces the knowledge and makes it easier for me to create links between what I’m learning. Rewriting it in full is almost like a review within a review for me. Normally my professors will give reviews in class as an outline for the tests, so I like to listen to that, so I know every bit of information is included in my review. I will study that daily, whenever I can find the time, up until the day of the test. I also like to utilize the recording of my reviews by listening to them while doing things like cleaning, driving, or working out, that way even though I can’t physically look at my review I’m still learning and taking in the information I need. Another resource I like to use is Quizlet. Instead of using pre-made reviews from other students, I like to make my own so that I can put the exact information and responses that I need to know. Another way I like to study, which I find extremely helpful, is to basically quiz another person on the information and explain the answers to them. This idea of teaching another really helps secure the information I’m trying to learn. Finally, the day of the quiz I like to wake up an hour earlier then I normally would, I get ready and have breakfast, then head to school where study and review in peace and quiet for about an hour before my test. I feel like this keeps the information very fresh in my head for the test. All these study habits seem to be working for me so far, and I hope will continue to help me through my nursing program.

Cornelia from New Jersey
College Sophomore
Bergen Community College