Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For test preparation I create what I call an outline. In my outline I start by organizing by units, then breaking it into main points in units. Under the main points I list out bullets of ideas and explain how they connect to each other making a story/explanation for each bullet, which 'outlines' the main point. I do this for every main point of every unit. My prep packet for AP US History ended up being 30 pages. In order to study the few days before the test I make an outline of my outline, cutting the 30 page document into 5 pages with the main ideas and explanations I need to specifically study. If needed I then continue to boil it down to only 1 page of content I need to focus on. I find that the repeated writing of terms and explanations helps me to study the content.

Benjamin from North Carolina
High School Senior
Lake Norman High School