Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many different methods I use when preparing for a test. One that I found extremely beneficial is taking notes in class then rewriting them at home with more detail. In order for this method to work at it's best ability you must not be listening to any music, have no distractions, and have the book open in front of you. I also watch videos on the subject and section I am working on and include those in my notes. Once I have finished writing that is when the review starts. My next step is going online and looking for practice problems. If I cannot find any, I take out the past homework and redo them. I circle the ones I have gotten incorrect and review why and how to do it correctly. If this was a History test I would try to find ways to remember things in a fun way. If this was a Math test I would make flashcards with directions and problems. Meanwhile, if it was a literature of English test I would reread the previous readings and highlight the main points. Another method that is critical to my study method is highlighting. I have to have a highlighter next to me to highlight important words or words I need to understand more. Once I have distinguished which color is understanding, remembering, and main point, I review them and make flashcards. Flashcards are a great way to remember key-points and definitions. This allows me to stay on track and gain motivation when I turn the card to see my answer was correct. This method is an embarrassing one but it works wonders! I talk to myself in the mirror or record myself when reading my notes aloud. This way it is stuck in my memory the same way a song is. When I am cleaning or driving from one place to another, I turn on my voice recordings of my notes and listen to them on repeat. The main way I succeed and get things done are making sure I stay organized. A week before a test, I take out my planner and write out a new method I need to follow for each day remaining. Knowing hoe to study is the key to success.

Raghad from Arizona
High School Senior
Primavera Online High School