Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying is an important part of school to be successful. There are three main methods of studying I practice. These include using websites or applications, flash cards, and YouTube. The subject I am studying for determines which study practice I use. For example, flash cards don't typically work when studying for advanced math classes, so I will watch YouTube videos and tutorials.
Although math is my best subject, this is the class I study the most for. To tackle this subject, I will watch YouTube videos on how to solve various problems. It may not be the most time effective but it is what works for me. There are videos on every problem imaginable. People will show you various problems and how to solve each one. I prefer this tactic because it is like class. There is a teacher that shows me step by step on how to solve a problem and which technique I should use.
When studying for other classes I will usually make flash cards or use Quizlet. This is because I am studying facts or answering questions rather than solving problems. After I study the same information for long periods of time, I often get sidetracked or catch myself on my phone. To solve this problem, I study in 15 to 30-minute intervals to avoid boredom and keep my focus. If I feel I am becoming strong with the information I am studying, I will use Quizlet. There are usually already made Quizlets that I can use to test my knowledge, but I can make my own if need be. There are tests, games, and notecards to test your knowledge and help you learn in a fun and educational way.
My typical course of action to study is YouTube, note cards, or Quizlet. While doing homework I often listen to music but I prefer peace and quiet while studying. If my phone is distracting me during my study time, I will leave it in the other room. These are the study tactics that have worked for me and may work for other people.

Cody from Wisconsin
High School Senior
Harborside Academy