Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is very important. Especially so the farther you go in your education. A single test could tip your grade to a passing or failing one. However, there's no need to become overly stressed about tests. If you prepare and do these simple things, it will help you do well on your test.

Firstly, when I prepare for a test I make sure not to procrastinate. If you wait until the last second and try to cram all of the knowledge into your brain then it won't work. Even if it might help you get a few test questions right, this way of studying won't help you in the long-run. To avoid procrastination I like to make a study plan for myself. I sit aside an amount of time to study each day, and I set out goals for myself. This helps me know what I need to study, and it gives me time to do it.

Secondly, I like to prepare by looking for clues. I pay attention to what my teacher talks about in class and make special note of anything they say could be on an upcoming test, or if anything is very important. I also can look back at past tests and class material to see what things the tests have focused on. This can help me know what to look for as I study so that I don't have to pay attention as much to facts that won't end up being important. It's also good to ask the teacher for help if you are confused, and it's good to ask them what you should study for.

Other than studying I think that getting enough sleep and taking care of yourself is just as important as you prepare for a test. You shouldn't stress yourself out because it will end up making you perform badly. Instead eat healthy and do some light exercise. Also make sure to sleep well the day before the test. Showing up tired because you studied all night won't help you. Also make sure to relax a bit before your test. Don't party or do anything crazy, but it's important to relax and de-stress. I do this by listening to my favorite music or by reading a good book. Just remember not to stress out.

Kiana from Ohio
High School Senior
Chillicothe High School