Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In my early years of Middle school, studying was always strange for me. I would think to myself: “Why do I need to study if I just learned it yesterday?” Shortly enough, I discovered what I thought my good grades were, weren’t as great as my peers. I then began to study at night, thinking I would retain the information best since I was about to sleep. I had heard of listening to the words and definitions as you sleep, this way you’re still learning. Now, I never thought that would work so I didn’t try it. When morning came I got ready and studied in the car. The drive from my apartment to my Middle school was about ten to fifteen minutes, so I always had enough time to refresh my brain of what I had studied the previous night. So, I had a set out study plan which I thought was fool-proof, long story short, it wasn’t. My mother always had the radio on and refused to drive in complete silence; even when I was studying she would only turn the volume down. No conversation, just the sound of me flipping through flashcards and the sounds of whatever old throwback song was playing on 93.3. I thought this was incredibly annoying because I was trying to study and now I felt that I couldn’t because of Maroon 5. However, when it was time for the test, I found myself singing songs in my head. This, for some odd reason, reminded me of the words and actually helped me remember even more. Whenever I was stuck, I would think back to the song that was playing on that specific word, and I would instantly remember it. I used this strategy up until eighth grade, when we had more than just vocabulary words to study. Since then, I have been making Quizlets for not only myself, but for my peers in which I share them on Google Classroom. The pressure is always on to make sure I’m always making them, since so many people depend on them, as well as myself. I went through many different studying techniques, but utilizing music definitely helped me the most back when school was a lot simpler.

Alectra from California
High School Senior
Sage Creek High Schol