Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best test preparation practice that I have found and utilize with most test I take is to break down the information that will be on the test, and then handle the sections separately. I find the most success when I am fully comfortable with the information that I will be tested over.
I also have learned that there are so many resources on the internet and YouTube. For example, recently I was in a Biology class and was struggling with the cell section. I was able to not only read my textbook, but I found fun videos on YouTube that used graphics and animation that explained the information in a way that I was able to not only retain, but fully understand. I've utilized YouTube videos for a Constitutions course I was taking and was able to find videos that aligned well with my learning style.
With the access to the internet, and the ease at which people from all over the world can upload their lessons, it has been a wonderful resource for me to explore. No matter how great my professor may be, there is no way that one person can teach a lesson that is going to be fully understood by all students. This is where the internet comes into play and can close the gaps in information.
Even though technology is important to my learning of information, I still prepare for tests by taking the information I’ve made notes over and copying it onto flash cards. I am then able to keep the flash cards, normally bright colored cards, in my purse and pull them out whenever I have a few minutes of downtime. Flipping through brightly colored flash cards with key words and information on them help me become comfortable with the information. I’ve learned that the more comfortable I am with the information I’m being tested over, the more calm I am while testing. And the more calm I am while testing, the more I can focus on the test with no distractions.
When it comes to the time for me to take the test, there are a few things I get in place before I begin. I have trouble focusing while testing, and I’ve learned that something as simple as a hair tie on my wrist can give me something to fidget with while testing and give me more focus. Having the hair tie to touch on my wrist gives me something to ground me and keep me on task.

Kari from Indiana
College Junior
Western Governors University