Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It's crunch time. Final exams start tomorrow. I have maybe slept ten hours in the past three days, my blood pressure is dangerously high, and I've been living off of a diet of peanut butter, La Croix and black coffee. "Why do I do this to myself every semester?" I ask myself for the tenth time. "Something has to change."
That was my spring semester two years ago. That's when I told myself enough is enough! As the fall semester approached, I decided to revamp my test preparation practices totally. I bought about five thousand flash cards (that is not an exaggeration) and decided to write out flash cards during and after every class. The topics on the flashcards varied from what I thought was relevant during a lecture to math problems with explanations for said problems answers on the back. At the end of the week, I would go through all my flash cards until I felt confident with each one, and if I didn't feel confident, then I would go to my professor's office hours the next week to address the problem.
Now, one might think this method to my madness is excessive. Yes, it is time-consuming. Yes, sometimes I wished I was at the beach that Saturday instead of going through my flashcards. With that being said, I am living proof that this method works! I found that absorbing the necessary information for the class as I went made me much more confident throughout the semester. I also found myself creating study groups, and I find that working with friends as a team makes any challenge more doable.
It's the last week of the Spring Semester, 2019. I am picking up a few extra shifts at work to save for my summer trip, going through my flashcards on break. I go to my study groups, and we are all firing off correct answers immediately. I finish my Associates in Arts with straight A's, preparing for my transfer to the University of North Florida. However you study, wherever you study, I hope your test preparation works as well as my new and improved version has worked for me!

Audrey from Florida
College Junior
University of North Florida